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Annual Tree Planting

Pictures from the 2015 Tree Planting

The 2015 tree planting was captured through video: After a winter that kept on going, putting our April 11th plant date in jeopardy, the weather was wonderful for the day. An ideal rain had fallen the previous day so the soil was moist and malleable.

We gathered for a bit of meet and greet before getting started. Greg made it easy by planning out the plant sites and digging two of the holes to demonstrate our task. On the docket were six new contributions to the emerging forest: Two Sun Valley Red Maple, two Northern Red Oak, and two Forum Black Gum. Welcome to the family, friends.
There are a lot of roots to dig through and more rocks than usual as we are getting closer to the gravel field on which parking is allowed.
Compost and topsoil are placed upon the tree once it has been placed in its hole.
It's wonderful to stand by your tree after putting in a nice effort to get it seated comfortable and steady.

We're running out of room for the initial round of trees. This one is right up against the parking lot used by the Collyer Field maintenance folks.

Pictures from the 2014 Tree Planting

The weather was picture perfect for April 12th. An ideal gentle rain had fallen all night so the soil was moist and malleable.

We start by preparing the earth for the six new tree additions for the year.
There are a lot of roots to dig through so most trees have two workers. Bob is an exception - collaborating with us from the Ten Mile Watershed Council.
After planting, Greg waters the new trees from the ample source of the Moshassuck River nearby.
We get the perspective of our years of work from the river's viewpoint.
As the compost arrives, everyone is standing by a planted tree - waiting to receive.
As a result of the trees, some knotweed is removed at the height of summer.

Youtube video available here.

Pictures from the 2013 Tree Planting

On Saturday April 6th, eight of us went to Collyer Field and planted 5 trees in an hour of enjoyment under the sun. We planted a Carpathian Walnut, an elm, two Pin Oaks, and a honey locust. Two sugar maples will come to us for planting soon, but they will be no sweat (unless it is a hot day) to get planted as well.

Pictures from the 2012 Tree Planting

We meet and greet, give thanks to the perfect weather, and discuss the trees as we take turns planting our trees in the newly dug holes.

We verify the proper depth for each tree and add compost to kickstart it's growth in a new locale.

We water the trees with water from the Moshassuck River nearby, and then clean up the field for any obstacles that will prevent easy access to the trees during their first summer in a permanent home.

We spend a moment looking back at all the trees planted in previous years and care for those who could use a little extra help for the upcoming summer.

Pictures from the 2011 Tree Planting

We start by scanning the planting field and working with a Providence Trees 2020 specialist.

We meet and greet and give thanks to the perfect weather in which we can participate in a tree planting event.

We each dig a hole appropriate for the type and size of tree we are to add to the field.

We plant the trees, water them with water from the Moshassuck River nearby, and then clean up the field for any obstacles that will prevent easy access to the trees during their first summer in a permanent home.

Pictures from the 2010 Tree Planting

Friends of The Moshassuck has been planting trees at Collyer Field in Providence for over 10 years. The site is a field of invasive alien Japanese knotweed, and our planting is an effort to eliminate the invasive alien weed by growing big and tall trees to shade it out. Preliminary results suggest that the effort is starting to bear fruit, and under the earliest plantings (and biggest trees) the knotweed is showing the effects of shading. We believe this is a community-friendly, totally non-toxic, way to deal with one of the most invasive plants in Southern New England and would be happy to help any local organizations seeking to restore areas damaged by knotweed.

Pictures from the 2009 Tree Planting:


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